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[edit] Debian Wheezy Recipies

  1. Debian Install
  2. Base Configuration
  3. Upgrade from Debian Squeezy to Wheezy
  4. Recompile kernel
  5. SSH Server
  6. DNS Server
  7. Outbound Mail Server
  8. Firewall
  9. Security updates notification
  10. Simple Backup
  11. VPN Server
  12. IMAP Mail Server
  13. FTP Server
  14. Advance Network Backup

[edit] Debian Sid Recipies

  1. Upgrade from Debian Wheezy to Sid

[edit] IT Infraestructure

  1. Chef

[edit] Monitoring Recipies

[edit] ShareHosting Recipies

[edit] Virtualization Recipies

[edit] Web Servers Recipes

[edit] Programming Language Environtments Recipes

[edit] Database Engines Recipes

[edit] LAMP Applications Recipies

[edit] Perl Applications Recipies

[edit] Python Applications Recipies

[edit] RubyOnRails Applications Recipies

[edit] Java Applications Recipies

[edit] Control Version Systems Recipes

[edit] Other Applications Recipes

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